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Welcome to Education 4 Now! We’re a new concept university portal for now — the second decade of the 21st Century. It’s almost scary how time is racing ahead in 2010, don’t you think?

We need a dramatically new approach to education in the twenty first century. Education for relevance. Courses that will immediately equip you to ‘get results’ in this ever-changing environment. Post 9/11 and the financial meltdown of 2008, we’ve been rocketed through ever accelerating social change and almost crazy levels of volatility in world financial markets. Commodities and precious metals are riding the roller coaster and there’s a lot of uncertainty in the business world as we gaze towards a Euro-zone flashing signals of sovereign indebtedness and instability.

And then there’s nuclear proliferation and the possibility of a new middle east war between Israel + The United States, versus fundamentalist Iran. Oil prices would go berserk, costs would skyrocket and gold would most likely ‘spike’, as global instability and fear increase … amidst a probable worldwide economic depression. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!)

Need For a New Focus

But as a sincere, earnest, and dare I say innocent student, you need to focus on new skill acquisition. You need to have your own answer to the question: What is the purpose of education? Then finally, your motivation must be purely superb; I remember a first girl friend telling me, that as a determined university student,  ‘you have to put your head down and go for it!’ and Linda was absolutely right!

So welcome to this frenetic Age in human evolution and welcome to Education 4 Now. I’m Geoffrey Dodd and I’m here to serve you well. I want to be considered a mere signpost to a better, a more relevant and a much more lucrative future for you. Where school has possibly failed you somewhat in the past, I’m here to set the new direction and to set things right again!

Educational MansionHouse 30 Marlock Way, Parklands W.A. 6180 phone +61 8 9583 3141

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3 Responses to Welcome to our university

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    This comment, just spontaneously appeared by Mr WordPress. You too, like Mr WP, can make a comment on anything I write as Editor of Education 4 Now. Choose respect and I’ll allow your comment to live on .. try to spam and/or utter profanity and I’ll kill your attempt quickly and BAN you from this esteemed educational portal for LIFE. Don’t even think about spamming me. Do you really want to disappear like a shadow in the night?

    Choose the light.


  2. ocean says:

    What is the purpose of education? Is it to get you thinking for yourself? Is it to rote learn other people’s ideas, findings, discoveries and opinions? Is it to build YOU as a researcher, experimenter, thinker, doer, discoverer? Meditate a little on the purpose of education…


  3. ocean says:

    HERE is the Purpose of Education, clearly and succinctly:-

    “15 million Americans are out of work.”

    Now in practical, skill building, entrepreneurial, creative thinking terms … Education’s purpose is to ensure that you are NOT amongst that number. If you say, ‘oh but a lot of those people are highly educated!’ — then you simply must watch the video at the page:



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