Quantum Physics and Psychology

Quantum Physics and Psychology

What is the inevitable connection between quantum physics and psychology? Well first we have to understand that ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’ of Bohr, Heisenberg and Wigner, says that physical objects normally remain in ‘wave-like’, quantum superposition, (everywhere) as mere possibilities!

The human ‘act’ of conscious observation then collapses (changes) the wave function into particles and ‘form’ as we know it. In other words, focus on something and it starts to materialize and take form.

Now remember the recent, short, success-training video named The Secret? It was clearly stated¬† in that video, that what you focus on, is what you get… and what you think about, is what you become! Same fundamental meaning as that great interpretation in quantum physics: consciousness (focus and thinking) creates form in the individual’s perception.

So undoubtedly there’s a very close correlation between quantum physics and psychology. Investigate this now and read as much as you possibly can, for it’s the future of human knowledge!

Writer’s Note:

It is of considerable theoretical interest to me that Albert Einstein did not agree with the early notions of quantum mechanics. In fact, Einstein was strongly opposed to it. This is made understandable when you realize that at the same time, he was attempting to get worldwide personal recognition for his grand theory of universal relativity. Don’t forget that all theories are fundamentally ‘structures in the mind.’¬† They can be experimentally tested, dis-proven — but never absolutely ‘proven.’

Superposition in Quantum Physics

Geoffrey P Dodd, Department of Psychology and Psychophysics

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