Distance Degree Costs and Benefits

Distance Degree Costs & Benefits

What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing a distance degree? What are the costs and benefits? Over the last fifteen years, distance courses have proliferated thanks to The Internet and anyone wanting to study for an online bachelor degree or master’s degree can now easily do so!

The Advantages and Benefits of Online Degree Education

  • Flexibility of Degree Course Structure: University staff fully recognize that individuals are unique and that they now demand a more individually tailored approach to the curriculum. Modules are offered online that allow a lot more freedom of choice by the individual student – the ‘customer’ of the institution!
  • Flexibility of Study Hours:  Distance degrees imply that a student cannot attend the college or university in person. They may even be working in full time employment, or be a parent at home, or a sick or disabled person. People want to work at their own pace and cope with the assignments and demands placed upon them by the university without experiencing undue stress. Faculties now recognize these very human needs and allow their online students the luxury of maximal flexibility of study hours and of the total time required to complete the college degree requirements.
  • Lower Degree Costs: If a student is basically sitting at home or in the local library at a computer, then there are many areas of financial savings,  including daily transport, accommodation and even possibly some textbook and reference book savings. The Internet is a gigantic resource in itself and all sorts of scientific research papers and wiki and encyclopedias can be accessed instantly online! Also, in theory, universities and colleges offering an online bachelor degree education ought to be charging lower costs to students if their distance courses are costing the institutions less to produce and run. Please leave a written comment about your experiences with costs.
  • Accreditation  Of Courses: Students undertaking remote or distance learning studies can be assured that their bachelor’s and master’s degrees will be recognized by employers and governments if they make careful choices between educational institutions. The safest ‘rule of thumb’ is simply to choose the larger, long established and better known universities and colleges. Don’t just go for some cheaper, ‘fly by night’, unaccredited, diploma-selling scam that has no future. Look for the big, prestigious names in education and accreditation will be a given.

The Disadvantages of An Online Distance Degree

Social isolation as you study is in reality a major disadvantage of distance learning, unless you can join chat groups, a support group, or best of all a specific tutorial group related to your exact course of study.

Another disadvantage is that you may not be able to attend practical classes or tutorials that are sometimes an integrated part of an online degree course. It is worth it to attend in order to maximize credits for the overall assessment.

University life offers you a whole range of clubs, sports and outdoor interests, political and social associations and even intimate relationships, on campus. You’ll have to meet this extracurricular gamut of social needs in your own home and local community when you are studying for your distance degree using a computer on The Internet.

So you can see that there are far more positive points than negative points. These include lower cost, increased flexibility and the ability to spend more time with family and loved ones. If you are good at time management and you can get a quiet, undisturbed environment in which to learn and study, without too much interruption from friends and family members, then distance degree courses can be a very economical solution to the problem of acquiring and furthering your education.

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