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Mind Movies Creative Powers

I was privileged to get a preview of Bob Proctor talking with Ryan Higgins

Watching Mind Movies

The brain is extremely sensitive

of Mind Movies creative visualization videos today and I must admit — I was blown away by the level of what they shared …

This stuff is superb psychology. It’s not some academic mumbo jumbo or psychobabble either…

It’s a practical system which allows you to build little videos with a few simple mouse clicks. These mind movies videos are your own combinations of photographic images with text based affirmations, blended with the music tracks of your choice.

Let me explain. Imagine you have quite a clear image of exactly how you’d like your future (and your family’s future) to be. You then use these elements to create videos that flash these desired states of positivity through your stream of consciousness … great concept, don’t you think?

There are two essential elements at work in these motivational videos that you create: The mental pictures of precisely what you want in your life; and the subconscious EMOTIONAL powering of these that provides the ‘connection with the physical and spiritual laws of The Universe.’ It’s the emotions that do the hard work and provide the locomotive ENERGY that connects with these universal laws. So once again, both psychology and physics are inextricably interwoven and both are definitely involved in this process of creative visualization.

Ryan Higgins is not only interviewing experts like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Dr Joe Vitale (of The Secret) about his Mind Movies concept…. but he’s giving away 6 examples of powerful, positive videos you can download and use for yourself right away — then you’ll see the effects for yourself of repetition, say once each morning and once at night.

Psychology needs this pragmatic, ‘do this today’ style of application in our lives if it’s going to remain a viable force in the future. Just my opinion of course. Get this educational boost today. Test mind movies for yourself and plot a new course for your future!

Geoffrey P. Dodd

P.S. In my mind I can still hear Bob Proctor’s voice:  “It was the repetition that altered your program!” Aha … I see it. I GET it!

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13 Responses to Mind Movies Creative Visualization

  1. ocean says:

    Here’s the METHOD again, to create your future and absolutely transform your life:-

    1. Form a very precise and exact mental picture, vision or image of how you want your future life to BE. Write it down, exactly. Put pictures of it on a board that you can see often. Create a brief video of your vision or ideal dream life, using Mind Movies:

    2. Connect it to your sub-conscious Mind. How? By repetition. By repeating the dream, looking at the vision board, watching the Mind Movies over and over, repeatedly, at least once every morning and every evening. Only through repetition can the precise dream become ENERGIZED by your sub conscious and unconscious emotional forces, where the connection to Universal Intelligence is forged. Energies will play out and the law of attraction will bring the necessary elements into your life and into your consciousness.

    3. Take action when nudged by your intuition. It will come to you like a ‘shout’ rather than a whisper!

    Geoffrey P Dodd

  2. ocean says:

    The FORMULA:

    Life ‘result’ = (Visualization + Emotion) x Repetition


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  4. Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

  5. ocean says:

    Thanks webmaster.. Mind Movies creative visualization can work for people who are prepared to WORK on themselves, wouldn’t you say? I’ve tried it and it’s very, very inspiring. They’re having a huge follow up meeting in Las Vegas on The Mind. Editor Geoff D.

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  8. ocean says:

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  9. camilynn says:


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  11. ocean says:

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  13. Hi Geoff,
    Lots of good stuff here. You strike me as well-rounded, interesting, interested, and lots of other good qualities. I’m glad we connected. I like this post here on the mind and how it works with creative visualization. Makes me think about ‘creation’ itself, and how the mind impacts that. You know, manifestation and all of that. Hmmm. Yup, you got me thinking – more, again.

    With warmth, heart and soul,
    Gwyneth McNeil recently posted..The Great Balancing ActMy Profile

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