Education and Training Via Mobile Web

Education and Training via Mobile Handsets

With digital convergence comes the inevitable increasing integration and hierarchic differentiation and discernment. The digital, mobile web will therefore slowly ‘take over’ the existing channels for delivering modern forms of education and training worldwide.

Perhaps a globalization of business education and training will also occur, as happened with the explosive growth of The Internet itself, back in the late 1990s and the universal adoption of the HTML standard for hypertext linking across the world wide web. Funny to think that it all just resides as magnetized, digital ‘blips’ like: 00 10 11 01 bits and bytes on spinning computer hard drives, somehow talking to each other through telephone wires, cables and wireless networks. It is quite a hybrid system when you think about it. Strange.

So go now and get yourself a good brand name mobile handset quickly because all email, communications, and yes, even education and training will be going mobile just as it all went PC desktop, then laptop just about ten years ago.

Miniaturization is a process that goes hand in hand with digital convergence and integration. It will include the television set very soon. In fact this development has already happened, as I remember only about six months ago, using a dual sim card mobile phone from Asia that also had a local television receiver neatly built in. Everything is appearing on your mobile phone and education and training will naturally be added as people design more mobile apps. for both the iPhone OS and the Android OS as well as the Palm and BlackBerry operating systems.

Just watch this space and mark my words!

Technology in Business, Training Division.

Geoffrey P Dodd

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