Business Review Mobile Monopoly

Business Review of Mobile Monopoly Course

The School of Business is conducting a brief business review today of the training program known as Mobile Monopoly Reviewer Geoffrey P. Dodd assigned a generous 5 stars to this video-based, online training in how to do mobile marketing on new generation, 3G and 4G smart phones, which are proliferating faster than rabbits these days!

This intensive video training course hit back in July/August 2010 as the most trafficked web site in the business category with its ClickBank processed activity – probably generating a million dollars for its creator, Adam Horwitz. Marketing strategies used in the launch and promotion of Mobile Monopoly from Los Angeles pointed to a lot of planning and collaboration with undoubted online marketing experts. (Possibly with Howie Schwartz?)  The 18 year old Adam Horwitz, now 19, although extremely knowledgeable in the subject of the mobile web, was the ‘presenter.’ Adam did an exceptional job throughout every aspect of the training course. I reviewed every tiny detail and it’s outstanding – world class.

Here’s what Phil Mansour of Paris, France, thinks about the Mobile Monopoly video-based training course in how to advertise on smartphones:

We are following up with this authoritative, educational business review because we believe that this training course marks a turning point, that is, towards digital convergence on to the mobile web and smart phones in particular.

Make your own decision about this question of digital evolution. Take the course or at least watch the introductory videos to get a feel and a grip on what is now developing in the modern business world. It certainly appears to us that platforms are going mobile.

Take time to read and think about this digital convergence in the Twenty First Century. Read and thoroughly enjoy this business review. Take ACTION on your intellectual convictions.

Geoffrey P. Dodd, Editor

School of Business Review

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  1. ocean says:

    Dear Student of our Internet Business School:

    In case it’s required quickly, here’s a direct link to the Review of Mobile Monopoly, video training course in how to place tiny 35 character ads on thousands of 3G and 4G iPhones and Androids across the mobile web, to good business effect:


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