Mind Power and Brain Training

Psychology of Mind Power

The whole brain training for mind power area is absolutely fascinating!

There are many theoretical arguments here about just exactly what is going on when a person exerts power from the psyche or the ‘mind.’ Behaviourists would scoff and say it’s all a simple matter of verbal contingencies. (What you say, has an ‘effect’ on someone because of the size of the words, for example.. )

I disagree. Why so strongly? Well.. there’s a new e-Book just released that clearly explains what mind power through thought training is REALLY all about! It’s NOT just a behavioral thing at all! It is a question of the quality of your thinking. Meditate on that for a few minutes.

We’re slowly beginning to realize that the great religions of the past 5,000 years had a terrific amount of pure psychological knowledge to contribute to contemporary psychology and sociology.

The new e-Book, “The Journey To Your Goal” is a practical mind power rocket booster. It is the story of a radical doctor who refuses to send a patient for chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Instead, Dr Summerhill prescribes a purely psychological remedy that is  –  well, mind blowing!

Does the psych remedy WORK? Oh, read the e-Book and find out for yourself.

Let me warn you here… you will never be the same again. NO, you won’t. You’ll have picked up so many good ideas and hot affirmations that your neuro-linguistics will be more highly evolved and more powerfully effective. We’re not just saying that. This eBook is a total masterpiece that will one day come to the attention of The New York Times, where they’ll automatically turn it into a NYT best seller.

Just read the darn book.

Psychology of Mind Power Editor

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