Quantum Mind and Consciousness

Quantum Mind Explodes Mind Power

We can influence space and the future. Quantum Mind is about the application of quantum physics to how we set about achieving our goals.

Quantum mechanics is an amazing line of thought that maintains that objects exist in wave-like, quantum superposition everywhere, as possibilities. Using the mind or consciousness, we then create ‘form’ and outcomes by collapsing the wave function into particles.

Now we do NOT have to think about this process. It’s automatic — in fact it’s happening right now as I type binary, digital byte-particles on to this computer screen and into the web page. I am creating something and influencing a ‘server’ across the world on a different continent. I am influencing my future and possibly my income, depending on Google’s algorithmic decision making by machine.

SEE.. our minds are getting inextricably involved and interwoven with our digital machines and their huge processes …  do you realize this consciousness stuff? THOUGHTS are determining real events across the globe, thanks to The Internet!!

Quantum mind is expressed in a video that sits on a certain web page about mind power. It’s a rather spiritual type of video, well worth watching about how to raise your vibrational level to elevate yourself to a higher evolved level of consciousness. Sounds a little far fetched but remember this: Whatever seemed like science fiction yesterday, almost always became our everyday REALITY today! And this process starts working faster and faster, thanks to The Internet. Note that brain training is an area still poised to break out and really take off, as we become more enlightened in our psychology.

So as a fast evolving human soul, studying psychology and physics, spirituality and levels of consciousness and perception, you’ll need this highly advanced, powerful educational material on Quantum Mind in order to self-actualize and get some practical application moving in your life, to benefit yourself, your family, your children, as you begin to realize how easy it is to be successful in life. I’ve done the hard, pioneering, scientific testing using my own methods, my best affirmations and The Holosync Solution from Centerpointe Research Institute in the USA.

Mind-body matters will get increasing focus and discussion in universities in the near future. Education needs a re-think when it comes to the causes of most problems that are being presented daily to doctors and to psychiatrists. Emotional habits, even habitual ways of thinking need more psychological research and this little e-Book you’ll find at the web page opens up this relationship between quantum consciousness – becoming a more creative person – applying that, and getting better wholistic and hormonal health in general.

Legal disclaimer: This is not a therapeutic good or item and if you have a medical problem, please consult a registered medical practitioner.

This is a psychological, educational discourse on quantum mind.

quantum consciousness has a place in psychology

Powers of Quantum Mind

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  1. Hi Ocean,
    Thanks, on a related note, If you’ve been studying meditation and various brainwave techniques, you’re probably familar with the Holosync Solution. It’s an audio program using a binaural beat technology designed to actually change your brain wave activity. One can experience meditative brain waves much faster using this program. Studies have shown that using this system over a period time can reduce stress and give you a whole host of benefits. And in fact, it’s a great program. I’ve used it for over two years and gotten fantastic results.
    Keep up the posts!

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