How To Build a List for Business

How To Build A List For Business

The School of Business, Education 4 Now is proud to be able to bring you a wonderful tool to show you exactly How to Build a List for your marketing business much faster than you ever dreamed possible. This tool will even multiply your own list building efforts by up to five times…

1. First you need a solid, professional autoresponder system like or – we recommend the first of these two systems, There you will automatically collect and organize your email marketing list. You will add letters over time and these can be either ‘drip-fed’ or broadcast to your list or lists… This is an easy way to have your contacts organized and messaged to.. and all the pros use these online, web-based autoresponder systems like

2. You grab the HTML or JavaScript code for your web form. This is the form you see on a web page where people opt-in to a mailing list, usually in exchange for a small software or e-Book gift. You will have written at least one or two letters for your first mailing campaign in

3. You join the free Siphon Extreme system that explains how to build a list fast for your marketing business online. This Siphon tool is absolutely revolutionary, because it multiplies several things you aim to do in list building, times five!

The people you refer free have to send you their first five list referrals in order to qualify themselves for the ‘Send 5 Platform’ benefits. If they ‘go Extreme’ then you will get 12 months residual income.. very nice for you.

In the back end marketing system, you will see a form to enter an affiliate link or a web site link.. this will also become traffic, multiplied by 5 times for you. As the list building effort expands and grows on full automatic, this slot will start to make you a lot of money.. because it is a viral multiplying system!

So all of the above is why our School Of Business is happy and proud to be able to offer you a free tool that is devastatingly effective – in solving the vexing business puzzle of How to Build a List fast to accelerate your email marketing and your bottom line business profits.

We are here simply to assist you, the marketing student, to sort out various hassles, problems and difficulties to do with Internet based businesses. This paper is a simple, yet definitive answer to the time honored question of exactly how to build a list faster for the marketing side of your online business.

List Building Tutor

School of Business

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