Local Mobile Cell Phone Business Services

Local Mobile Business Services

School Of Business Presents ..

Huge LOCAL Mobile Opportunity?

Dear Blog Visitor ~

Think about it .. for your business education in 2012 :

 *Over 1 Trillion Dollars Spent on Cell Phone Infrastructure.
*Over 5 Billion Cell Phones are World-Wide.
*Over 86% of Americans own a Cell Phone.
*Over 100 Million are Frequent Text Users.
*Over 93% of all text messages are Opened.
*Over 80% of texts are opened within 1 Hour.
*Over 2.5 Trillion text messages sent Last Year.
*Over 100,000 Text messages are sent every Second.

YOU CAN now send out local mobile text ads
that offer free coupons and market discounts
online, on mobiles throughout the world
- and from local merchants, via smartphones..

Do Local Mobile Services for Christmas


Learn from our business faculty about SMS text marketing in 2012 and beyond.

This is a rare window of opportunity for expanding your local mobile business!

Local mobile monopoly business training course

Local Mobile Course by Video

Yours in furthering your marketing reach and cellphone sms exposure,

Geoff Dodd

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One Response to Local Mobile Cell Phone Business Services

  1. ocean says:

    Please comment with a frenzy and a passion that you’ve never, ever known before! I’ll tell you WHY. I’m gonna be very active in this niche. Watch this web space. Great things are going to be happening here soon in the area of local mobile cell phone business services! We will provide and prevail !!

    Geoff Dodd
    Mobile local marketer in your area..

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