New Age Oneness Spirituality and Psycho-Physics

New Age Oneness Spirituality and Psycho-Physics

The Internet and mobile phones bring connection and spirit of Oneness

Mobile connection of people

The Internet and the mobile smartphone, facebook, etc., have changed our lives permanently. Now we can connect, instantly, across the globe with friends and family. We can make new friends and start important relationships.
This tool of The Internet also assists with New Age Oneness, Spirituality and Psycho-Physics. How is that? Ideas can quickly be spread, just as Teilhard de Chardin suggested with networks of thoughts encircling Planet Earth.
For example, right now, hundreds of facebook groups have popped up, encouraging members to share the idea of absolutely unconditional love, with as many people as possible. Some say, this is a counter reaction to the elites who are trying to establish a controlling New World Order by means of a World Government. Whether this is correct or not, or a natural, new phase of cultural evolution has begun… only time will tell. Are these two things fundamentally related, somehow? New Age Oneness, a renewed awareness of spirituality and spiritual psychology, psycho-physics, etc., is well under way!
Did you happen to see the video, “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” That awesome feature movie presented quantum physics – “the physics of possibility” — as a new basis for understanding the sciences of mind, body and the emotions….New Age Oneness, Spirituality and Psycho-Physics are due to and influenced by The Unified Field – an ENERGY theory of quantum physics. This approach integrates well with earlier, mystical understandings of invisible forces, or ‘spirit.’ Ancient Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism from India and China have tended towards an “ALL is One” understanding of The Universe, where a form of vibrational unity is evident. The Hindu manifestation, Lord Krishna, purportedly spoke of a ‘single law of cause.’ In Buddhism, it is understood that “the mind of Man merges with the universal mind.” Buddha also stated that, “we stand at a point before Creation,” and, “our thoughts make our worlds..” (“With our minds, we create our lives..”)
Quantum physics itself, a theory from the 1920s, of Neils Bohr, maintains that physical objects remain in quantum superposition (everywhere), until human consciousness comes along, collapses the wave function and forms stable perceptions from particles. The ‘observer effect’ then, has great creative power. In a rather simple way, you can see this when you try to take photographs of a baby or a group of pets, such as dogs. Your attention and responses have a surprisingly dramatic effect on what ‘the subject’ is doing. In fact, you are causing the behaviour, the outcome and also how you PERCEIVE it. Your thoughts are a major determinant. This is the ‘observer effect.’ Everything is interlinked.
So these thoughts and similar, related ideas are racing around the planet, the whole globe now. Perhaps to neutralize political oppression and gently bring humanity back to a natural, nurturing type of active community at grass roots. Unconditional LOVE is the loudest cry. Love, as opposed to corporatism and exploitation. It’s a fair and just call. Unconditional love as a foundation for human life. New Age Oneness may seem like a ‘kookie’ or crackpot idea, but now it is based upon some rather solid, Twentieth Century advances in physical science.
Traditional Spirituality may seem thousands of years old, (5,000 years in the case of Krishna), but now it’s suddenly in alignment with 1920s quantum physics and the invisible forces of gravity, waves and particles in their vibrational realities.  And finally,  psycho-physics and psycho-physiology have their rightful, deserved place as scientists investigate meditation and its measurable effects on the human body; specifically, hypo-metabolic effects on the autonomic nervous system, and integration of the two cerebral hemispheres, left and right, bringing about increased harmony, functional balance, co-operation and equilibrium.
The unified field – the greater environment that spreads into space, is finally being unveiled before our astonished eyes. How this quantum field of energy affects our cells, minds and bodies as we move around on the planet and through space, will become known. That brings a measure of respectability (through real concern for humanity as a struggling, threatened species..), to calls for unconditional love and for higher societal harmony. So this is fundamentally a cry for higher social values and social standards. It’s a call for self improvement. One by One.
Editor ~ Geoff Dodd
Perth, Western Australia
Friday, 3 February, 2012

A Question:

Do you subscribe to and believe in the ideals of New Age Oneness and Spirituality? Divinity? The newest field of spiritual psychology? Here are a few simple options:

Do you agree with unconditional love as a real possibility?

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2 Responses to New Age Oneness Spirituality and Psycho-Physics

  1. ocean says:

    Thank you to all visitors and especially to you who have taken the simple survey of opinion. I understand well that this is a matter of belief. At present. If you wish to pursue *accelerated meditation* so as to explore further, then please visit this link:-

    The site also has links to a free hypnosis mp3 by Dr Neil Fiore PhD, of San Francisco and to my original pdf e-Book, The Lotus Code – which is an introduction to meditation as a mind-focusing method.

    Thanks again!

    Geoff Dodd, Perth 4 Feb 2012

  2. Lada says:

    YES!YES and YES!!! Spirituality of course. Unconditional love and Divinity.Each of us represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness.It takes time for each of us to realize spiritual process. Awakening happens…and it is a beautiful unfolding …through many different stages.From suffering to acceptance,enJOYment and enthusiasm.We are all SPIRITUAL BEings in humans body! Thank you for the article!!!

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