Neurological Programming Has 3 Types

3 Types Of Neurological Programming

In courses on physiological psychology, it is generally taught that there are three main types of neurological programming. These 3 types are:

  1. Fixed Morphogenetic Programming which simply states that the connections between neurons are genetically ‘fixed’ in form. This would apply to reflex level events, like autonomic functions of breathing, heart beat, and a whole host of organic and survival functions. Knee jerk reactions are an example and the reptilian level of primitive, spinal focused actions.
  2. Modifiable Epi-genetic Programming, which is possibly a larger category than we first imagine it to be.  There is control occurring ‘above the genes’ in this instance. Some researchers, such as Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cell biologist, have suggested that human thought, consciousness and perception all play a significant part here. Future studies of sickness and healing are expected to reveal causal relationships that follow quite closely the lines suggested in his work, “The Biology Of Belief.” Consider the placebo effect and the ‘nocebo’ effect, involving beliefs.
  3. Acquired Transactional Programming. Here, the neurons are connected by interactions between the organism, or brain and the environment. The behavioural learning mechanisms of classical conditioning and operant conditioning have been studied in the laboratory since about 1898. (E.L. Thorndike, and The Law Of Effect.) B.F. Skinner, et al, took operant behavior studies a lot further down the track in the Twentieth Century. Behavioral psychology using positive reinforcement (reward) is now considered mainstream and highly respectable in most universities and in corrective institutions throughout The United States.  Environmental psychology is a fascinating field because it can now include influences such as music, lighting, vibrational ‘field’ influences like radiation, the electromagnetic spectrum and much more… will it finally include love and positive human vibrations?  The whole arena of education and training comes into play with acquired transactional neurological programming. Families, communities, social clubs, institutions and societies are all having their unique effects felt in this environmental type of psychological influence.

Now the thing is, we human beings have been on a steady line of evolutionary development for over two million years. What is this line, exactly? It’s a growth line from simple, unconscious, cellular forms to the highly evolved, fully aware and conscious, multi organ and neo-cortical human form. Life is always trying to improve its adaptive powers. So the kinds of neurological programming required for an amoeba and for a reptile, are being slowly subsumed, phased out and replaced. Human consciousness is stepping on to the stage. The human creature is gradually awakening to a much more creative role in its own destiny! We, in other words, can shape our own future. We are no longer the victims of oppressive culture with its myths and superstition.

Neurological programming is now being carried out by means of radio, television, newspaper, magazines and The Internet. Politicians and multinational corporations work daily in this arena. So awaken. What can the individual do? Well, reach for the highest mental state which is enlightenment. This is the level of the Great Teachers such as Krishna, Buddha, Abraham, Mohammad and Jesus. And in China, Lao Tzu and Confucius.

Enlightenment is the peak of the evolutionary consciousness in the human being. Right now there is a rapid growth of humanity in this direction, thanks to quick and easy learning opportunities and social connection via The Internet. Enjoy it all while you still can. Legislators are already moving to block and censor web sites that don’t conform to the wishes of an invisible social and monetary elite. Read as much as you can, while you can. And — do it consciously..

So there we have it! Thank you for visiting me and reading this brief summary of the 3 types of human neurological programming.

Geoff Dodd, B.A.
Western Australia

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Neurological programming can now be altered by the repeated use of positive affirmations, reflective meditation, prayer and by hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I wrote the e-Book displayed just above in the slideshow, to share the considerable changes in thinking that happened for me over the course of 2011 and into 2012. May they NEVER stop. I’m the cause and I’m overjoyed, even ecstatic with the results. Just put your mouse cursor over the image, above. Click through and take a sample read. Amazon also has a free library sharing facility. Discover brain plasticity today and modify your very own neurological programming. Be gentle on yourself. You’ve only got One.

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