The Death Of Whitney Houston

The Death Of Whitney Houston

Sad news indeed. We hear of the death of Whitney Houston, on 12 February 2012. Whitney Houston was in the bath at the Beverly Hills Hilton and her hairdresser was getting concerned after one hour in the bath. Whitney was found drowned. Her 19 year old daughter Bobby was distraught – not able to enter the room.

When I saw tributes to Whitney I warmed at: “I, will always love you…” and “The Greatest Love Of All,” flashing back to reminders that it’s to Love Yourself as a ‘Sunshine Supreme Soul’ and then it’s all crystal clear and no fences are necessary because you’re not performing for “others” in an “other-directed” dramatic Shakespearean play! Throw away the *should* and BE — just as Whitney always sang: totally surrendered to the forces of her beautiful heart and emotional life….no resistance at all to the flow ..

The death of Whitney Houston at 48 years of age is paralleled by the tragic, early deaths of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, Richie Vallens, Jim Morrison and Queen’s front man, Freddy Mercury. It seems to be in “the Stars!”

I am now inspired enough to say, “I have a dream!” Yesss, I want to be the shooting star hypnotist in the sky – Therapist to The Stars. I know the stuff they need. It’s to love yourself, is the greatest LOVE of all. It’s surrender, total self acceptance and no resistance. These ‘stars’ have become dependent on ‘news’ and outer adoration and simply flown too high at unsustainable altitude, propped up by prescription (and other) drugs. This situation does not need to continue. Not at all.

Careful, tailored hypnotherapy can really work wonders. Hypnosis can provide a thought transplant to anyone. Whomsoever believeth and desireth. There is a critical first step of gaining trust and credibility. People have been taught to take their pains to a doctor, or registered medical practitioner. Fundamentally, this is socio-politics and politico-legal stuff. Our culture has a lot of changing, yet to do. Be the change you want to see ~Ghandi.

So the death of Whitney Houston saddens us to the core. Our sunshine souls – the center of our psychological and musical experience – remember her finest moments, and Whitney lives on in our hearts. Here is a youtube video to re-create the brilliance of that young and oh so shining Star. Whitney, over to you.. We will always love you…  Oooooh oooh we will always love you.

Background information:
Birth name was Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Born on August 9, 1963, at Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Origin is East Orange, New Jersey, United States of America very soulful and cool singer. Just passed on .. always loved

Unconditional love exists magnify it now

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  1. ocean says:

    Please take the 3 second survey above. You’ll get a gift e-Book for choosing one of the survey options….watch the Whitney Houston video and sign up for my news information at the top right of this page. Thank you for your visit to my site, today!

    Geoff Dodd
    Western Australia

  2. ocean says:

    “Ocean of my dreams; I sail with you on the ocean of my dreams. To a far away distant place. Of great beauty and tranquility. Where suffering and pain do not exist. Where we give praises for our joy and happiness. Where our love intertwines with a love for all things.
    O ‘ beloved companion of my heart. You have reached out and touched the essence of my being. And showed me the way. Your love has awakened me.”
    ~ Rumi ?

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