How To Reduce Test Anxiety Naturally Without Medication

How To Reduce Test Anxiety Naturally Without Medication

The student problem of how to reduce test anxiety naturally without medication, during examination times, while at high school, college or university is best approached in a wholistic or ‘systemic’ way. By that, I mean, don’t focus on the negative symptoms like worry, heightened anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. (OCD). That’s a big mistake to focus on negative events and feared things. Why? Because your thoughts will tend towards re-creating these same negative experiences!

Focus on positive, blissful states of mind and their achievement ALL the time, rather in a ‘spiritual’ or whole and positive, achievement-minded mindset. That’s using the Law Of Attraction rather than antiquated psychiatric thinking in terms of symptoms and syndromes (collections of same….) — the psychiatric focus is decidedly negative…..leading to more of the same.

How to reduce test anxiety naturally without medication while in a school test or examination is better approached using positive thinking, meditation, brain wave entrainment and self-hypnosis. These methods may be used singly or in any combination, as long as you’re disciplined, dedicated to self-improvement and you know exactly what you want, what your purpose is, and where you’re going.

Here’s a quick summary of the selected methods for how to reduce test anxiety naturally without medication. I have extensive experience using all of these methods both individually and in combination:

  1. Positive thinking and positive affirmations combined with meditation and Raja Yoga. These methods work on the content of your thoughts. You start by being still, silent and empty, then you progress towards inserting really powerful, constructive, positive and creative thought patterns. These thoughts then actually re-program your subconscious mind. For example, in Raja Yoga you might choose to focus on The Sun as a symbol of the Supreme Soul, the energy source which will sustain you higher psychologically, way up beyond any ‘ego’ concerns…….in rarified spaces known to adept Brahmins in India. (Brahma Kumaris..) This is an astonishingly effective methodology — if you BELIEVE.  Meditation will certainly help your relaxation level and creativity, during a university exam. And keep you mentally balanced and feeling sort of blissful.
  2. Brain wave entrainment using The Holosync Solution. This was developed at Centerpointe Research Institute in Portland, Oregon, in the 1980s by William Harris. The Holosync Solution is something I’ve been testing and using since January, 2006. It creates relaxation all the time, Zen-like perception and greatly enhanced creativity. This is done by inducing alpha waves,  theta waves and delta waves on the surface of the human cerebral cortex and also increasing the amount of information exchange and crossover between the left and right sides of the brain. These events are empirically observable and measurable using an electroencephalograph or EEG. Think ‘polygraph’ as used in a crime detection movie, as a lie detector.
  3. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis. We are fortunate to be affiliated with Dr Neil Fiore, PhD, of San Francisco’s Bay Area. Dr Fiore is an experienced psychologist who gained a lot of ‘hands on’ practical experience working with the U.S. military. We can let you download three sample MP3s of his work: Relax and Center. Just click on The Benefits of Hypnosis for your 3 free mp3 hypnosis samples. They’re of the highest standard and recorded quality!

Thank you so much for your visit to us here today. Student services include help with how to reduce test anxiety naturally without medication. We recommend positive thinking, meditation, raja yoga, brain wave entrainment (the single most effective method) and hypnosis and self hypnosis for re-balancing the body and mind. After personal tests and experimentation, I, Geoff Dodd, endorse these psychological methods and wish you all the best with learning and studying how to reduce test anxiety naturally without medication. If symptoms persist or if you clearly have an underlying medical problem then don’t hesitate to consult a registered medical practitioner. Thank you for acting wisely.

Geoff Dodd

Editor, School Of Social Sciences

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