Love and Light Body Healing Hypnotic Trance

Love and Light Body Healing Hypnotic Trance!

Yes we’re certainly in the zone this warm, Western Australian afternoon. Inspiration is over-filling my cosmic cup as I approach a gift offering to you of “Love and Light Body Healing Hypnotic Trance!”

What is that? Well let me explain. You know me. I’m you. I’m into self-talk, too. Like you. I practice it daily, yesss. Imagine saying to yourself, “We’re guided by a signal in the heavens…” and “We’re on a mission from ‘the flow of LOVE’” ~ or my standard self-talk, “I love you, I’m very grateful…..thank you! I believe in you!” Such inner dialogue is literally capable of turning your life around and delivering for you, heaps and dollops of positivity! Healing and positive outcomes can result.

Yes, that’s what’s going on these days at so you’d better get cracking and drop neatly into the zone as you believe your best zone to BE ~ or not to Be… if you think you can, then you CAN. If you believe you can, likewise: you can.

Without further introduction and ‘a do’ I will deliver to you now what I believe is the most amazing piece of hypnosis, qualifying firmly for “Love and Light Body Healing Hypnotic Trance!”  Read on, McDuff. You’ll be struck by shock and awe. I was…. This is so good:


Sit comfortably now, breathing freely …

~ inhale ~

~exhale ~

Relax, deeply. Breath…

Let go! let go …

You’re feeling better than before ..

Close your eyes, a little sleepy…

Relax and….listen:

“YOU are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. The same LIGHT that is the LIGHT EVERYWHERE is WHAT YOU ARE DESIGNED TO BE. Why do some people have more light than others? Well, consider that some STEAL LIGHT from others (for a short term ‘fix’ of necessary light…a ‘dragon’ activity..) and consider that some LIVE THE LIGHT in the decisions they make (a long term strategy for a fulfilling life…which is a ‘Spirit’ activity).

Discern, see: Live the light, in each .. next .. moment ..  light & love, light of love …

Relax, believe .. feel it .. lighter now

The Language of the Body makes Spirit decisions VERY CLEAR for the choices that allow for a long term REJUVENATIVE EFFECT on the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies that make up WHO YOU ARE. —”


Changed .. higher, feeling MUCH better!

YOU are Light!

Open to the Sun

This was originally offered on facebook by Kristy Knight and published on my mobile smartphone web site, with a medical disclaimer, here:


Here’s another Golden Light Hypnotherapy Solution For You

Take a moment to connect into mother earth by growing long golden roots, hold the intention to grow your roots down and into the golden ball of energy that it is at the centre of mother earth. FEEL the connection as the warmth spreads up through your roots and into your feet and body. Then take a moment to allow the ball of white light that sits above your crown to flood into your head and into your body. Take a moment to allow the two energies to find balance within you. Then take a moment to imagine a little rice paper bag in front of you. Make it as fancy as you like or as plain as you like. Then take all the limiting phrases that you allow to float through your Being and place them in the bag. You may find that they resist being placed in the bag and if they do take a moment to really look at them. Then thank them for their work but explain they are no longer needed and then place them in the bag. Continue to do this until the bag is full. Next fold the top of the bag over and then imagine a golden heart and place this over the bag. It may appear as a sticker for you or be an actual golden heart. Place it upon the bag and watch. The golden heart will start to dissolve the bag.

As you watch carefully the golden heart begins to glow and shine brighter and brighter, it gets so bright that you are unable to look straight at the glow. FEEL the glow and KNOW that the golden heart is dissolving all the limiting beliefs that you placed in the rice bag. As you watch the glow begins to fade slightly and taking shape where the bag was is now a gift. Take a moment to look at the gift, this is the gift from Your SOUL for TRUSTING SELF and allowing the beliefs that you held to go. Pick up the gift and place it in Your heart.

KNOW that you can return to this exercise and repeat this as often as you wish. When you FEEL overwhelmed and out of balance this exercise can help you through the “brick wall” that you believe is stopping you. For in TRUTH no one or “no” thing stops you, it is the beliefs that you hold. Dissolving them this way transmutes them back into the light for once they may have served but now they are no longer needed as YOU begin to come into WHOLENESS and BALANCE ~

~~ Crystalline Sanctuary


Thanks for realizing it. You are One body of love flow and light realization. May your own light illuminate the darkest recesses of hearts and minds, globally. May your love and light heal yourself and other people in an instant… in that precious moment of knowing how free you are. Because of your love and light. Unleash your positive energy.

Geoff Dodd

Editor, Psychology Department

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Do you agree with unconditional love as a real possibility?

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    Thanks for taking part in our tiny, brief 2 second survey. Please continue through the survey and pick up your pdf copy of The Lotus Code, a world acclaimed introduction to Buddhist, mindfulness meditation.

    Geoff Dodd

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