write books how to become an author

Write Books How To Become An Author

It’s so popular these days! Writing books has come into the dream list, the ‘to do’ agenda of many, many educated people. You can easily write books for The Internet and learning how to become an author has been rapidly accelerated by such things as Adobe PDF format and of course, Amazon’s hot Kindle Bookstore. Other online companies such as Barnes and Noble have their Nook, etc., versions offering similar digital books.

My personal story in how to write books and naturally, how to become an author, published on The Internet, actually started with my love of meditation, in the time tested Buddhist tradition. I first bought some low cost software for how to create a pdf e-Book then I created my little masterpiece about meditation, entitled The Lotus Code. This had my heart and soul totally blended into it! The Lotus Code became my gift lead-in offer for an autoresponder sequence and I recommend that you get that e-Book to see the exact process I used. Even the letter writing in the mailing sequence, is worth your time to study. It’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done. That is my best example of producing and publishing my own pdf e-Book online. Why so successful? Because I was following my passion! There was oodles of LOVE in it, from start to finish. See for yourself.

The next thing I ventured into with how to write books in a digital format, was how to become an author at the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. This experience was definitely a step up in my self esteem and ‘perceived status,’ and I can laugh about that now. Psychology e-Books has clearly been my niche of passion and becoming a published author has been my dream since about 1968 when I first became enthralled with Dr Abraham H. Maslow’s pioneering work in the field of theoretical, humanistic psychology.

Amazon has made it very easy for budding writers and authors to upload something fast and to get started. And isn’t that half of the task? Get started right this instant in your passionate desire to write books, by preparing anything in Microsoft Word 97 .doc format. It could be a short story, a complete novel, a 3 or 4-page special report, a longer How To manual or, simply whatever you’re personally interested in. The surprising thing for writers and authors to discover is that formatting is NOT a major issue at all at Amazon Kindle Bookstore! Your dream journey of  how to become an author, a fully published writer, is quickly fulfilled by uploading your Word doc to Kindle and then uploading a suitable image file for the book cover. My first cover image was a photograph of a massive Buddha statue at Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Since then, I’ve created better book covers but they’re still simple and easy to read, with bold words of black and red on a white background.

The title of your book and the description need to include some rather carefully researched key phrases, such as How to, Best Ways to,  7 Tips on… etc., and these key phrases are dug out using Google’s external keyword tool. Think carefully when writing anything about your e-Book. The copy must be reader or consumer wants focused, so as to meet a need or a want, solve a problem or reduce some pain, suffering or discomfort. The market must already be searching for your book title or descriptive keywords and tags. Write a book review if you feel inclined and become known as a reliable and credible reviewer of Kindle books.

For your reference and convenience, I have listed my four e-Books in the Kindle Bookstore, just on the right hand side of this article. You’ll see how to create your book cover image, how to write persuasively about your own written work, what to charge as a price, and much more by visiting my book titles at Amazon Kindle Bookstore. Please find them on the right side and click through now.

Pricing of your new e-Book is worth a quick discussion here. You can choose to receive a 35% royalty on book sales or a 70% royalty. I always choose the latter, 70% royalty, for obvious reasons. However, when you choose 70% you must price your digital e-Book between $2.99 and $9.99 and some testers have come up with an optimal pricing of about $8.97 which brings you income, while still looking innocuous.  Tick all the boxes for automatic pricing in euros, for the European bookstores. That’s an absolute must. I also recommend you put your e-Book in the Amazon lending library. On average, about $2.01 will be paid to you for each time your book is lent out by Amazon’s lending library. I also select ‘digital rights management.’  You will see all the steps shown very clearly to you in the process of uploading your first e-Book. You can take as much time as you wish. It’s simple and there’s nothing to worry about.

That’s about it for how to write books and become an online author and writer, at a purely introductory level. Remember to visit my own title links on the right side, just to see the choices I’ve made in how to set things out, how to write your title and description and how to create a simple book cover that has immediate impact. Thanks for reading my blog and article and I wish you all the very best with your book writing. Onwards and upwards!

Geoff Dodd

Author of The Lotus Code and 4 more titles.

Department of Psychology, Education4Now.com

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Enjoy your new found passion of easy ways to book writing and authoring online. Thank you!

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