Writer’s Block Overcoming Writers Block

Overcoming Writer’s Block

The question of how to overcome writer’s block is one that can be answered in a number of ways. I’m tempted to say, “Just do it! Just write.” That’s not meant to belittle the question. It’s a motivating statement meaning, “put pen to paper” and write anything at all, as fast as you can!

Speed in writing is essential for illuminating scenery and getting visually motivated, which is by far the very best way to write. I must get some good ‘speech to text’ software like Dragon – Speaking Naturally. I do believe that story telling is best done verbally, then being captured for text later. It meets the speed requirement, too. Speech into a digital sound recorder is the ultimate way to write. You’ll slip into the zone faster and attain flow in your writing.

Other approaches I also prefer for overcoming writer’s block are more spiritual and deeply psychological. Put yourself in a LOVE state or find your God Consciousness first by practicing meditation and prayers. If you don’t like these spiritual methods, God forbid, then think of doing auto-suggestion and self hypnosis. Sharpen up your inner dialogue. This works magnificently for me. I have some personally designed affirmations that really work well.

Being a writer you will need to learn how to overcome writer’s block quickly. It’s 100% habitual in this writer’s opinion. I use social media like facebook to practice my art of writing, so I’m doing it in one way or another, all day long. Practicing writing! Here’s another idea: Healing. Overcoming writer’s block can be achieved by daily healing using your powers of positive suggestion. I wrote an oh so brief e-Book about this very matter, which Amazon has graciously included in their Kindle Bookstore. Here’s my controversial spiel:



“Seeking God Consciousness” = Author Mindset, Zero Writer’s Block

In The Beginning Was The Word

Hi there, New Writer On The Block!

You must be feeling slightly surprised, even shocked,
wondering ‘What the heck?’ – what’s the method here?
“What is Geoff doing? Wassup? Is this guy crazy?!”

Well I delve a lot into ‘spiritual’ psychology
and I’ve been fascinated for decades
about ‘what is God consciousness?’

I mean, in modern day language –

In modern psychological understanding,
what are the peaks and certainties of
our Minds?  How to achieve them?

Consider this poem by Rumi, Sufi poet
in Persia in about the year 1235-1240 AD

Lovers share a sacred decree – to seek the Beloved.
They roll head over heels, rushing toward
the Beautiful One like a torrent of water.
In truth, everyone is a shadow of the Beloved –
Our seeking is His seeking, Our words are His words.

At times we flow toward the Beloved like a dancing stream.
At times we are still water held in His pitcher.

At times we boil in a pot turning to vapor –
that is the job of the Beloved.

He breathes into my ear until my soul takes on
His fragrance. He is the soul of my soul –
How can I escape? But why would any soul
in this world want to escape from the Beloved?

He will melt your pride making you thin as a
strand of hair, Yet do not trade, even for both worlds,
One strand of His hair.

We search for Him here and there while looking right
at Him. Sitting by His side we ask, ‘O Beloved,
where is the Beloved?’

Enough with such questions! –

Let silence take you to the core of life.
All your talk is worthless When compared to
one whisper of the Beloved.

~ Rumi ? 1235 AD, Persia

How inspiring!

There is truly a level of PURE LOVE
and to attain it, go here and see:


Hint: It really IS a matter of who
has got the highest QUALITY of self-
hypnosis and auto-suggestion!

You will be astonished.

Love always,

Geoff Dodd
Perth 6172

P.S. I have distilled my life’s best for you.
Now I lie down. The pen is still. No more
to write. I’m finished. Utterly spent.




“..honestly I AM speechless at how good this
little e-Book is! Don’t expect quantity.
You’ll get highest quality, instead. Amazing.
Read it very slowly with a meditative attitude,
repeat.. repeat the hypnosis, to let it all soak IN.
I can tell you this is something that will benefit
you greatly. Immensely. I’ve never seen or read
anything like this before..” -John Saunders, Calif

=> http://amzn.to/GFRpuC

Thank you

Psychology Editor, Education4Now.com 25 March, 2012, Perth, Australia



Please take my 3 second survey about unconditional LOVE just below and I will rush you a free copy of my acclaimed e-Book, The Lotus Code, which neatly introduces you to the fine art of meditation. This will certainly assist you in overcoming writer’s block. It’s a secret manual for the attainment of God Consciousness — if you take it as far as I have. I promise you I have no writer’s block at all. Read my e-Book. Follow its recommendation: The Holosync brain wave entrainment. (3 second survey is here…

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Thanks for overcoming writer’s block by meditation. Enhancing your creative intelligence.

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  1. ocean says:

    I was 18 when I decided that I wanted to become an author, a writer. Now I read back over my work and I just can’t believe it. I remember that I wanted to seize all the very evocative words. More recently, I developed The Thought Transplant method which really amounts to accelerated learning. You acquire new ideas from others, then practice and integrate them to build new vertical structures in your mind. Ask me about it one day. I’ll gladly chat with you….brain acceleration, accelerated meditation, The Holosync, entrainment, it’s all amazing stuff. Photographic reading, mental photography, hypnosis… Let’s chat.
    Geoff Dodd

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