Modern Quantum Mechanics and Power Of The Mind

Modern Quantum Mechanics and Power Of The Mind

Investigating Modern Quantum Mechanics, or ‘quantum physics’ of Neils Bohr and power of the mind leads us first to the vexing question, what is consciousness? We understand from network analysis that consciousness is a product of an extremely large network – acting like an electromagnetic induction, a field induced by electrical activity. That’s why the power of the mind appears to be like an ‘aura’ or a state of charged positivity, positive ions, a charged-up state of thought powers, etc.

Dr Fred Alan Wolf, in regard to quantum physics, said that, “it’s all in here and there may be nothing out there..” … it’s better to live in the mystery. Quantum physicists seem to do this, adhering to a largely theoretical framework about subatomic physics, where objects exist in quantum superposition, everywhere, as mere possibilities, until the observer comes along, answering ‘what is consciousness?’ and his consciousness collapses the wave form into particles, creating stable perceptions of objects in the mind.

Psychologists might rightly argue that this is really a psychology of perception. If it’s occurring inside the brain, this creative perception, this fabrication of reality, then it’s strictly not the realm of physics or quantum mechanics! This is the power of the mind. However, what if the universe doesn’t exist, as some believe, and we live in a purely holographic universe?

Then everything is truly ‘in the mind’ and your power of the mind is latent, waiting patiently for you to realize it. I tend now towards this latter view. It’s all inside. Both Jesus Christ and the Eighth Buddha held this viewpoint, maintaining a stance of “look inside – the Kingdom of God is within you!”

Mind powers have been jealously guarded by humanity’s religions and religious leaders, shamans, witch doctors, etc., through the ages! Even political leaders constantly try to shape, modify and control our human perceptions of events. Power of the mind always, necessarily involves imagination, creative visualization and the power of dreams. It is interesting that these powers are discouraged and actively inhibited in children, especially as they become adolescents. Excessive dreaming will get one classed as a simple schizophrenic. But even Einstein believed that such activities of the imagination are necessary for the proper progress of science. Einstein believed in human intuition and imagination as the ways of creating good theory! He ought to know, as he was focused enough to create some pretty good theories in his time!

While working online, I have come to realize in good, modern Quantum Mechanics style, that the observer can create more things, more productively, by responding quickly to changes online at the speed of thought. Coming directly from your imagination and your visualizations, as if the universe were in fact holographic, is an extremely effective way to operate. Believing that you are The Creator — the observer then does appear to ‘collapse the wave function and create form from mere possibilities that pre-existed in quantum super-position.’  Powers of the mind are realized and exercised from the inside, out. If any other person is held merely as an imagined image, then this theory is looking more real than what we used to believe was ‘real’ ; that is, that objects were solid, stable and predictable…..

Quantum Physics shows us that objects are not solid and stable but rather consisting of space, orbiting particles, more space, a unified energy field ~ all in flux and flow. The creative mind seems to know these things intuitively. Artists and musicians appear to dance in a One Dancing Energy. Their perceptions create. Lovers float in a One Dancing Love. They know things. The World is an ever changing field of possibilities. Come to realize this and the World’s your oyster. You’ll simply be successful, beyond your wildest dreams. Throw out the old rigid order and in with the new. I promise you. One Dancing Light will illuminate your path if you meditate enough. Just follow through below and pickup my acclaimed psychology e-Book. Thank you for your gracious visit today!

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  1. ocean says:

    Quantum physics was the very basis and theoretical background for my first article on Spiritual Psychology, published at back in 2007-2008. That was after watching the amazing video, “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” I was enthralled by the creative possibilities of understanding Bohr’s Quantum Mechanics. The Spiritual Psychology article is available on this web page:

    “Love needs as a basic foundation, meditation.
    Only in the heart of meditation roses of love can grow. That is the right soil; there is no other way…”

    The New Dawn

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