Webmasters How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate

Webmasters How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate

The School of Business has been given a ‘heads up,’ a forward notification of a massive European lottery about to hit the global Internet

How to win the lottery as an Affiliate

School of Business Wants You as an Affiliate Marketer

and world stage. If you busy webmasters were wondering, just “How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate” then the perfect answer has arrived on The Planet and we business staff at Education4Now.com are grinning with pleasure as we reveal this hot news to you!

The new business is based in Malta and is called The Player’s Lottery. It boasts better odds, like 300,000 to 1 instead of 116 million to 1 of taking away the main jackpot prize. Monthly jackpots of ten million euros, monthly, are guaranteed by The Player’s Lottery management. Affiliates can earn 3 or 4 or 5% on gross ticket sales in their referred group down to 5 levels depth, beneath them. Also, affiliates can earn 100,000 euros, again down to 5 levels, when a referred person wins the ten million euros jackpot prize!

So, Internet webmasters who are curious about, How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate marketer, can rest peacefully at night, now. A system is in place for them and The School Of Business at Education4Now is spilling the oil of the details. Here is a brief video which faculty boss, Geoff Dodd, prepared for you a few days ago, on exactly How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate – working for your euros (a strong currency) in honest fashion by referring lottery customers, starting in May-June 2012. At present we are simply building vast networks of worker bee affiliates. Want to be one? We at The School Of Business do predict that hundreds if not thousands of millionaires will be created by this Player’s Lottery service.

Why? Because all the previous, government backed lotteries have been run offline. They were not ever designed for Internet marketing and web based sales. Now we have virgin territory here. Is this the very first totally Internet based euro lottery? We believe so. This will be rather BIG due to the convenience of smartphones, tablet PCs, laptop computers, at-work purchasing, etc. This has to be watched. This will explode out of the gate like a racehorse. This answers the webmaster’s question, ‘How To Win The Lottery As An Affiliate Marketer, purely using the massive leverage of The Internet. This is certainly unprecedented. So, affiliate marketing friends in The School Of Business, we’re in!


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Thank you.

Geoff Dodd,
Faculty Member

P.S. There is a way with this Player’s Lottery to reduce the odds of winning ten million euros, to 1500 to one. Join and find out. This is surely the way to big lifestyle and BUSINESS SUCCESS – affiliation! Referral marketing. It is free to you to start as an affiliate. Get in early. Build a huge Team, faster than others do and you’ll score Big Time. Find out exactly how to win the lottery as an affiliate on the web. GD.

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  1. ocean says:

    Affiliates WANTED!

    Immediate Start.

    You get:

    up to 5% on vast ticket sales
    plus you’ll get 100,000 Euros
    when one of your referrals
    wins ten million. Monthly.
    That’s why I’m in.



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