US College Students Should Take to Streets Over Debts – May 30


News Of U.S. Universities and Colleges As It Happens!

It seems that university and college students in the U.S.A. are passively accepting their indebtedness to the institutions. Previous generations of Americans, such as the so-called  baby boomers, were not expected to be left saddled with such financial debt.

US College Students Should Take to Streets Over Debts – May 30

"Yet in the United States, students suffer from much steeper tuition hikes in silence. While there are exceptions – particularly the ongoing protests in California's public colleges – most US students appear resigned to leaving college $50,000 to more …"

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Californian situations may be a bit more grim, financially. There are more protests about fee hikes in California than in any other U.S. state. That's quite understandable because Calif. is the most financially tested and over strained state at the moment in 2012.




Oh well — rampant student humor continues in American colleges and universities, despite the financial pressures that modern day college students are being subjected to. Most will be rather creative and lay back and enjoy their precious moments during their undergraduate years. Then later, they will be totally absorbed in their post-graduate studies and accomplishments! Enjoy these amazingly magical moments at your university college. You'll cherish these times. I promise you. Geoff Dodd, Education 4 Now. 

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  1. ocean says:

    This is kind of a test of a new format for this blog. News items from and about U.S. and possibly European colleges and universities. There will be comments on current matters of concern to the modern student. Enjoy and please DO leave your positive, constructive comments. Thanks a ton.

    Geoff Dodd, Psychology Department

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