University of Georgia professor arrested on prostitution charges


News like this shocks us at first. But then we think: "Wait, this is invasive. People ought to be free to do what the heck they like in their private lives." Personally, would you press charges on this one? It's an incredible invasion of civil rights, in this writer's opinion. Incredible. Leave the professor alone. It expands the mind. Doesn't it?

University of Georgia professor arrested on prostitution charges

"By Louis Casiano Jr. A University of Georgia professor of German and Slavic studies has been charged with prostitution in the Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County, officials said. Max Reinhart, 65, was arrested Thursday after investigators answered an ad …"


 Oh my… still doesn't feel right to prosecute on this matter. Not at all. Let Max have his private life… for god's sake. Professors are an eccentric bunch and need their light relief just as you and I do. Let's be humanistic for once. Wake up, America. Here's your president pushing for higher gas prices and a reduction in crude oil imports. But how crude is the professor, allegedly? Not very!


It was "this big!" But listen, folks, seriously … 

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