Incentive To Take Action


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Why? Because they give away $100 accounts.

YOU Are Now Advised to pick up your $US100.00 free account, faster than a raped ape.


“Shows You Outstanding GENEROSITY”

Clear Incentive to take ACTION:

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Dear Blog Visitor,

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THEN get $100.00 cash per referral, plus
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No catch. Just incentivizing.
Clearly, this incentive works!


Geoff Dodd, Faculty.

P.S. Don’t miss this

Incentivizing As A Strategy

The free line has been irreversibly shifted forward. Marketers are now saying, “Hey! Look…come here and grab this free item on me. See the usefulness? Experience the quality for yourself! I’ve got a lot more stuff like that, more advanced,  if you liked the first batch. If you enjoyed the free sample. Trust me. I can deliver you the results you are hungry and thirsty for. Take my free gift.”

That’s here to stay. It works. It lets the customer enjoy the luxuries of faith and trust. The incentive is an instant reward. Instant reinforcement and gratification. Try me out. Wasn’t that good? Even great? Now buy my super duper, superior hot deal with even more value. That is the use of incentive in marketing. Reward for action. Get something. Get successively rewarded for each step you take in the desired direction. Positive results all round. Take my incentive.

Geoff Dodd

School Of Business, Education 4 Now dot com, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Huge incentive exists in Google page 1 border="0">

Use the above system (click banner) to realize the incentive power of having your own web site on Google’s page 1 of search results. Now that is truly what I call an incentive for success.

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