University of Kentucky to offer classes linked to international universities UK


U.S. universities may be on track to integrate some courses with other universities around the globe. That's a very exciting development to us. Oxford and Harvard intermeshing intelligent thoughts? Cambridge, Yale and Princeton? Time will tell. Traditions have their day and all follow the sequence of creation, sustenance and dissolution. You just watch the next Century develop.

University of Kentucky to offer classes linked to international universities

"Instructors from UK and Sorbonne Nouvelle University tested the technology for their linked course, to be offered in the fall. By Amanda Hancock — After more than two years of planning, the University of Kentucky College of …Lexington Herald Leader"


 Who knows the future? Well at very least, we know that The Internet is changing everything. Even curricula. Even who your new professor will be?


International students flock to most (every) large Western country. The fees are steep. The language must be conquered. The culture shock must be overcome. What am I doing here, must be a typical response at first. Let's put a humorous face to this. International students always end up learning the de facto international language of China and India: English. Tip: Learn English exceedingly well, you international students. It's going to make your lives a lot easier. I'm not being condescending, but simply, totally practical. Integration of east and west requires a single language.


The old traditions of Western and European universities and colleges will certainly fade and evolve with time to incorporate more of the integrated global ambience, including Asian trends and indigenous people's needs. Time changes things but slowly in education.

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