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Mission statement information about Education 4 Now University.

We see a gap in the 21st Century between: 1) what knowledge and skills are urgently required to handle rapidly changing social conditions and circumstances, and 2) the knowledge and skills currently being taught and handed down in our high schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities.

We maintain that the state educational system has its roots in the 19th Century; being post industrial revolution. No longer is this focus on industrial employment relevant. In these swirling times, we submit, the skills of the business entrepreneur are needed desperately, in large measure to save the floundering economies of the western world. The emerging economies in nations such as China, India, Brazil and Russia,  and most of South East Asia depend daily on the actions of hundreds of thousands of ‘mini-entrepreneurs’ who innovate and invent, then cleverly market their goods and services to ever expanding marketplaces.

Schooling needs to return to the practical, the sensible, the pragmatic and the profitable. What is the use of rote learning of classical literature and history if there is no occupational application of these things, save teaching them to someone else within a protected institution?

This revolutionary new web site has the mission and goal of providing you with immediate, relevant solutions to online business training needs and to quickly expanding your personal sociocultural awareness.

We’re happy if we can fulfill these needs for you, more efficiently and with higher productivity than perhaps you’re expecting! We have powerful allies in international business circles and we know exactly what their track records of success are!

So please — take a leap of trust with us. Leap into some advanced training here and experience for yourself a better and a more rewarding life. You deserve it.

GPD The Editor, Education 4 Now

Graduated 1977 B.A. (psychology) from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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