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University of Kentucky to offer classes linked to international universities UK

Tweet   U.S. universities may be on track to integrate some courses with other universities around the globe. That's a very exciting development to us. Oxford and Harvard intermeshing intelligent thoughts? Cambridge, Yale and Princeton? Time will tell. Traditions have … Continue reading

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University of Georgia professor arrested on prostitution charges

Tweet   News like this shocks us at first. But then we think: "Wait, this is invasive. People ought to be free to do what the heck they like in their private lives." Personally, would you press charges on this … Continue reading

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Nebraska University Moves To Cut Credit Hours For Most Degrees

Tweet   U.S. Universities are costing more. Education in America might one day go offshore and get outsourced to low cost base countries, just like everything else? Well that's not probable but it's distinctly possible when you constantly hear news … Continue reading

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US College Students Should Take to Streets Over Debts – May 30

Tweet   News Of U.S. Universities and Colleges As It Happens! It seems that university and college students in the U.S.A. are passively accepting their indebtedness to the institutions. Previous generations of Americans, such as the so-called  baby boomers, were … Continue reading

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