Student Mindset

We believe a Student’s Mindset is Critical to Success

At Education 4 Now, students are encouraged to focus on, and really think about the core concept of .. Creative Mind. You will be encouraged to simultaneously ‘love creating’ and ‘create love.’

What is Mindset?

In a word, mindset is attitude. Just as my friend said, ‘you have to put your head down and go for it!’ — with every fibre of your being, every ounce of energy … your very spirit will drive you yet guide you with sublime subtlety..

The award-winning mindset is an uncompromisingly positive, ‘can do’,    ‘do it now’ attitude …

Now I will share with you my tips for Super High Performance. But first a word of warning! Some students will NOT be ready for this optimal, ‘fine tuning’ information. Those individuals will snigger, laugh it off, smirk and reject it as coming from too far left-of-field … rather like a ‘foul!’ in baseball. If you’re not ready – that’s OK. I understand your situation.

Here is your tip for Ultimate Mindset. Are YOU ready?

Google our second core concept of  “brain wave entrainment” as a time-honoured and proven method of simplified, accelerated meditation.
Know that self-responsibility will place you ahead of your peers. Accept 100% responsibility for whatever happens in YOUR life. (You chose it. You invited it in.. )

Meditation will enhance, boost and increase your creativity …
visualizer, seer
Big dreamer
think BIG


if only.. connect …  socially and neurologically!

MINDSET proves that it’s 99% all in the mind.

You’ve got to WANT something badly enough!

OK my student — put your head down and go for it!’ — GO GET IT!

Geoffrey P. Dodd, Department of Psychology

P.S. Finally, this inspirational quote from Persian Sufism came to my attention today, courtesy of ‘Quantum Grace’ Group on Facebook:

“To be a Sufi, forget the past, put it all away;
Turn a brand new page, rescue your being from yesterday;
Become a child of the present age, of youth, of wisdom—
Never leave this bountiful moment, this eternal day.”


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