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Have faith. The Internet Revolution levels the playing field and works for you, the little guy or gal. Anyone can learn how to ‘work’ Google and match the online efforts of even the largest multinational corporations… why, I know individuals who are earning 6, 10, 12 million dollars per year on The Internet.

But there’s a second revolution that works hand in hand as an essential component of this success: the entrepreneurial revolution. Being your own person, a mini entrepreneur, working in your own SOHO (Small Office Home Office) – indeed, this is yet another case of ‘small is beautiful’ where you’ll definitely succeed online, depending on your measures of self-education, organization and discipline.

What I mean is, it’s not quite a walk in the park where you come across a ‘free lunch.’ You have to work on yourself and particularly on your ‘mindset’. You have to have an abundance view and NOT a scarcity view. You have to re-train yourself into better, more productive habits. And it all takes time. But don’t give up. Enormous success is waiting for you along the path as you stroll in Central Park. Listen to your guiding spirit and its intuitive ‘teacher within.’

Let me introduce you now to DCS University, our most trusted supplier of computer based training courses for the home entrepreneur. You’ll first receive free video presentations so you can decide for yourself whether the quality is up to the mark and whether this is something you’d personally like to trial and take on. The instructor is Russell Brunson and frankly he gives away so much information in these online videos, that I consider them as complete computer training modules in themselves!

DCS University is an immense value but I’d rather you came to that conclusion for yourself, by taking a minute or two of your valuable time to watch the videos here:

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Geoffrey Dodd, Editor

I invite you to join my elite insider club, simply by entering your name and email in the form below. Your details are safe and secure with me because I hate spam and would never reveal them under any circumstances. In my elite group of privileged entrepreneurs you’ll quickly learn the tricks that could change your life and income to levels that right now you hardly dare to dream of. Remember that your results while you drink from this Internet Revolution will depend on your passionate learning and keen desire to grasp the skills you need to apply the newest strategies and tactics. I wish you great success!

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    Author, Geoffrey Dodd

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    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I agree that entrepreneurs can do extremely well now online as long as they’re prepared to learn and to watch enough videos to provide them a relatively free online education in business and marketing strategies. Thanks for a truly brilliant university level blog here about educating and improving ourselves…

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